Our surroundings

We live in Nyatorp on the east part of Halmstad. Its the first district outside the centre where the houses have gardens. Closer to the centre the houses are higher and further out there are smaller houses from the forties and fifties. In the block next to ours there's a park with a playground. Its only local traffic to the nearest blocks that pass our street. Of course you have access to our garden, witch is both sunny and shady and are secure enclosure. There you can have your breakfast under the apple tries or arrange a barbeque after a day on the beach. To the nearest grocer's and pizza shop there are 500 meters and to department stores 1 km. To the centre of Halmstad there are also 1 km. There you can find all kinds of chops and "Storgatan" (Big street) have a unique street life in the evenings with outdoors restaurants, pubs and activities. Within 1 km we also have the famous adventure baths. To the east beach there are three km and you can go cycling on the cycle track all the way. This is a children friendly beach with a nice summer houses district within. To Tylösand it is 10 km. A journey along the coast out there gives experiences beyond the usual. You can cycle on the streets nearest the seashore or walk on the path "Prins Bertils stig". You follow the river "Nissan" from the castle out to the harbour. The west beach to the right are the dogs bathing beach and the wood within (Aleskogen) are the third best bird locality. Soon you arrive to "Brottet", a previous stone quarry witch now days uses as swimming pools with lawn around. No charges. after a few km you can se "Grötvik", witch offers unforgettable views over a small picturesque harbour. There have been a stone quarry here also. If you go further out west and pass Gessles residence, you soon arrive to "Svärjarehålan", the special bathing place for handicapped. Here you can lie sunbathing on the rocks and bath from the bridges or the rocks. Next creek is "Tjuvahålan" and are one of my favourite places. Tylösand comes after the next cape. It is one of the most popular beaches in Halmstad. To cycle in Halmstad is easy. The city is rather flat and it has cycle tracks everywhere (soon 500 km cycle tracks in the community). The only height in the city is the beech forest covered "Galgberget" with a view of several miles. There is also the old homestead museum "Hallandsgården". If you want to go shopping you won't miss a thing on "Eurostop" at the south approach to Halmstad. Right on the other side of the river "Fylleån" there are a farm you can visit, "Stadsbondgården Olofstorp". It is the children's favourite place. A new shopping centre, "Flygstaden" are built at the airport of Halmstad. If you go on north from Halmstad you find more bath friendly beaches in "Vilshärad", "Haverdal" and "Steninge". There between you can find many worth seeing places if you like the coast and its surroundings. If you want more tips about small trips you can just ask us or contact the Tourist agency. .

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